Electric Hospital Beds

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Electric Hospital Beds

Get a hold of mobility in the palm of your hand!
There are plenty of hospital beds in the market offering various functions but you must make sure you buy the one which offers you the highest comfort and doesn’t have any setback or risk of worsening your mobility problems. In this article, we focus on the main differences of two types of hospital beds clearing away all of your confusion.
Normal Hospital beds
There is an impactful difference between a normal hospital bed and a full electric hospital bed. Typically, there are only some types of adjustments in a normal hospital bed which include:
Head adjustment, this adjustment changes the position of the head from the default position of the bed to the preferred position of the patient.
Foot adjustment, this adjustment changes the position of the foot of the patient to his desired comfort position.
Height adjustment, this adjustment lowers or raises the surface of the bed according to the patient’s choice.
These adjustments require physical effort of the patient or the minder which can be very discomforting and tiring for those with mobility problems considering the fact that hospital beds exist to save one from these efforts. Each adjustment in this type of hospital bed is manual based and manually making adjustments is far from ease. A user of such manual bed is also at risk to worsen his/her mobility problems as the bed of such type requires the use of multiple muscles. A Non-Electric bed is one of the least comforting bed as it requires muscle power.
Full-Electric beds
A Full-Electric bed ousts all those manual adjustments which exist in a normal hospital bed with automatic functions, all controlled by the electric motors installed in the bed. All these motors work by a remote control which has buttons for every specific function which the bed has to offer. A Full-Electric bed removes all the physical effort of the minder or patient and gives the control of all movements in the palm of their hand without having to move a muscle. They offer complete independence and ease to the users. As technology is changing day by day, a number of new functions are also being installed in Full-Electric beds such as voice control. It is just like siri of the iphone but the difference is that the user can control the movements and adjustments of the bed with just their voice! For example, the patient would say “Lower the height to 3 inches” and the sensor with a microphone installed in it will automatically lower the position of the bed 3 inches just like the patient said. This is how advance the Full-Electric beds are becoming. The risk of worsening mobility problems is zero for the user of a Full-Electric bed.
Why ignore the price of Full-Electric beds?
Why risk your health? Why risk your mobility? Just to save some pennies? Physical health is the most important thing in this world for everyone and there should be no compromising on that. Full-Electric beds are costly as compared to the Non-Electric beds but they come with zero risks. This factor alone proves why everyone must go for Full-Electric beds. Money spent on health is never wasted! provides fully electrical beds with numerous features at affordable prices to cater the customer of all classes. Head over to the website and witness the best Fully-Electric hospital beds in the market!

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