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Joint disorders affecting almost people of all age groups. Improper use of the body joints, sitting posture, fatigue, unhygienic diet and unhealthy lifestyle can cause chronic or abrupt joint pain. Joint pain can make a person immobile if not treated with care. AsthiJivak is an Ayurvedic remedy to ease stiffness and pain in joints. It is said to be invented by Pandit Shri Ram Sharma, an Ardent follower of ancient Ayurveda, and It has been used as an effective joint pain reliever since ancient times. It can treat joint disease and joint pain completely. Regular Massage of this Ayurvedic oil and paste could relieve knee joint pain completely. This herbal healing agent has a special name in Ayurveda. AsthiJivak is an absolute combination of nourishing herbs that provides nourishment to bones and joints. It is a kind of Natural home remedy for Arthritis or joint inflammation, which is prepared on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of healing many disease and health disorders.

Asthijivak paste Joint pain can be because of generally benevolent condition such as muscle sprain or ligament harm which can die down by some straightforward treatment or all alone and it can be a side effect of genuine sickness such as joint inflammation. Some other gentle diseases like influenza and other viral contamination can bring about irritation of bursae, which works as pad cushions for joints and known as bursitis, which can bring about pain in the joints.

Asthijivak Oil for Joint pain which happens after strenuous physical movement or rehashed utilization of a specific joint or because of sudden jolt and stun is to a great extent because of muscle force and sprain. Such pains can be tricky as well, back rub with any over the counter pain mitigating salve or cream can be an adequate treatment, if one feel pain in verging on each joint of the body because of straining or sudden physical movement, scrubbing down with warm water should help. If there is some aggravation at any joint hot and chilly packs can be connected. Boiling point water tubes and a pack of ice 3D shapes should be connected at the influenced joint in a steady progression, this will enhance blood stream to the territory and will control the pain and aggravation.

Asthijivak is a miraculous ayurvedic joint pain relieving formula invented by pundit Shri Ram Sharma about 175 years ago at a village in Rajasthan, India. Made with all natural herbs, Asthijivak was very much in use in earlier times by the Indian soldiers and even by the Britishers who started using it in India and traveled back with the same to Britain. However, the formula was not readily available for the commoners and was limited to very few. Later on, the invention was passed on to the generations of Vaidhya Sharma who finally decided to distribute it amongst large masses.


Asthijivak Price in Pakistan Openteleshop Is A Potent Mixture Of Many Rare Herbs, An Herbal Paste Which Has The Power To Heal Damaged Nerves And Muscular Structures And An Oil, Which Can Do Wonders To Blood Flow In The Weakened Arteries. Preparation Of Asthijivak Follows Specific Ayurvedic Protocols Along With Some Proprietary Methods To Extract The Desired Results From Chosen Herbs. Many Herbs Are Used In Their ‘Ark’ Form, While Some In Their Raw Form Based On Their


2 bottles of Oil ( Total 200 ml ).
2 Packet Powder.

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