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tribrach (2)


Tribrach with Adopter & Optical Plummet

Heavy Duty Tribrach with Adopter & Optical Plummet for Total Station, Features as follow – High Quality Yellow tribrach with optical plummet – Tribrach have […]

6223 (1)


Surface Profile Gauge/Roughness Meter/Digital Surface Profile Gauge

Landtek (China) Japanese Technology Digital Surface Profile Gauge Roughness Tester Model SRT-6223, which is widely use in production site to measure surface roughness of various […]

NTS100 (3)


Endoscope Camera, Borescope Camera (Inspection Camera)

Hi Quality Portable Endoscope Borescope inspection camera with 5 Meter Camera Hose Monitor Screen Type : 2.7 inch color LCD Resolution : 320*240 pixels (QVGA) […]

planix (4)


Planimeter, Digital Planimeter, Tamaya Planix 7 Planimeter

Overview for the Tamaya 365170 Planix 7 Digital Planimeter The Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter is a versatile measuring tool for finding the area of […]



LEL Meter/LEL Gas Detector/Combustible Gas Detector

LCD Gas Analyzer Meter Automotive Combustible Gas Sensor Detector Air Quality Monitor Gas Leak Detector with Sound Shock Alarm Function: Product type: digital display concentration […]

MT6 (1)


“ZIRCON” (USA) Rebar Locator/Metal Detector/Metal Scanner/Multi...

The Zircon MT 6 quickly and easily detects metal in non-metallic surfaces (concrete, tile, plaster, stucco, reclaimed lumber, and more) Detect metal objects, determine if […]

hardness (1)


Hardness Tester/Metal Hardness Tester/Leeb Hardness Tester

Portable Digital High Quality Portable Metal Hardness Tester (Digital) HLD HRC HRB HB HV HSD MPa Scales Technical Parameters Accuracy: ± 6 HL Scales: HRC, […]

A30 (1)


Auto Level/Automatic Level/Stonex (Italy) Auto Level A30

Stonex (Made in Italy) Hi Precision Automatic Level Model A30 TELESCOPE SPECIFICATIONS Image : Erect Magnification : 28x Length of Tube : 215mm Objective Aperture […]

tachometer (1)


Tachometer/Digital Tachometer/RPM Meter/LCD Photo Tachometer

Digital LCD Photo Tachometer Non-Contact RPM Meter Motor Speed Gauge Car Speed Tach Meter Speedometer Features: – Automatic and manual measurement mode. – Data logging […]

Thermal (1)


Thermal Imaging Camera

Professional Handheld Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera IR Digital Thermal Imaging Camera infrared thermometer Detector BRIGHT FEATURES 30,000 PIXELS Can easily see Hot Spot or Cold […]

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